A Tribute

Green grass flows through the soil, it’s roots humble to the sun.
I’m surrounded by unending beauty and I have no need to run.

I love this,
never-ending sights of swirling colors that seem to make the sky more blue,
I’m at my wits end with creation, it seems to engulf my head this season.

The painted canvas on the ground rumbles with pinks, greens, and a some what indigo hue. The sky remains cloudless and the brightest yellow dips its colors onto this no longer blank canvas.
The trees are surging, with power,
their prowess is second to none other,

Its strong bark and the tiny critter homes that reside in its wake,
it provides a safe-keeping from the outside world, give or take.

I suppose,
Mother Nature,
Provides a lustrous world for our imagination, our hibernation, and our inclination to love and learn.
To sit and be still and listen to Mother Nature groom her world into a perfect cocoon.

Thanks for being a shelter and provider,
keep the swirling colors alive.


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