Olive: 1

                  She had these, light orange curls framing the bottom of her hair;                   her roots at the top looked like deep cherry, her hair a melting ice cream swirl of orange hues.

With her shoulders bare for all to see, it was obvious she wasn’t keen on having strangers see the patch of golden stars upon her shoulders. These stars burst across her nose as well, they danced across her fair skin with jubilant footprints.

Those brave enough to look long saw a fiery goddess that gleamed rays of shy. Though many did not dare tempt their eyes with her forgotten beauty, for while her hair was thriving with harmony, her eyes bellowed a more somber tune.

Her eyes seemed a dark haze, though when she smiled they illuminated a dark sea blue. Looking into them was like being swallowed by the sea;

you were drowning but the beauty was breathtaking.


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