A Tribute

I feel as though when we lose someone or when someone else does, we have these redundant sayings that course through our heads; “I’m sorry” “They are in a better place” “They went quickly” “Are you okay?” “I’m here whenever you need me” “They wouldn’t want you to be sad”…

The fact is this; human lives that are taken away or swiftly broken down by a means to an end, shouldn’t be as tossed aside as everyone makes them. While the grief we feel when we lose something can be unbearable, let it show you just how much you cared for that being. That living, breathing, human that you had such an attachment to that it breaks your heart to be without them.

Let it be said, that grief should be felt; because it’s a true reminder of the strong connection you had. Let your tears run down as you think of the times you spent near ocean waves, let the covers you hug be a reminder of the real warmth of their embrace, let the tired anguish of your mind be the memory of when you had silly fights. Things shouldn’t be forgotten or pushed aside, nor should they be showered with petty attempts at delicacy; they should be remembered for how they truly were in your life, and just how greatly they meant something to you.


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