A Freakshow

I suppose in my head these words make sense, these tiny sayings about people that I wish wouldn’t be thought. I suppose I wish I wouldn’t think the worst in others; that I could see what they were struggling through. It’s hard to put yourself in anothers shoes; especially when you look down and see yours are tattered and worn to pieces. I suppose I wish I could hear someones thoughts, but maybe I’d drive myself mad knowing what others go through, to see what they see. We all struggle through our own horrors, we have our own skeletons, (so to speak), in our closets; the freakshow that plays on and on in our heads.

We have the bearded lady who tell us what to do, the ferris wheel that spins into view, the sword-eater who strikes fear in our hearts, the boy who fits in a box that takes the air from our lungs, the flame-eater who delivers the daily dose of truth, and the circus owner that can hold the fountain of youth. Only we decide how much our tickets are worth.


3 thoughts on “A Freakshow

  1. “Only we decide how much our tickets are worth.” Well worded. I might have to put that on my mirror. This is an amazing post. It speaks the truth on so many levels because we do have our own freak show. I’d like to know how much others think my ticket is worth. Wouldn’t that be something! Well-worded!

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