I had a thought today whilst being among the outside world; I couldn’t seem to shake my mind off the fact that when we talk of someone, whether it be family, loved ones, or random strangers, we always seem to speak the worst of them first. Though I cannot decipher if this is to ridicule them, or to appreciate their faults. We initially judge people based upon what we see, like when we pick a good book to read or  a movie to watch, and maybe it’s because we have these options, we allow ourselves to be filled with this unjust contempt. I try hard to not judge others, but when you live in a world where almost everything and everyone has a label tattooed against them, you can’t help but make some labels yourself. It’s a disturbing thought; what if the label we think ourselves to be, is only the label that has been projected unto us from others? We think we’re “smart” because others say so, we think we’re “moderate” because someone said so, we don’t think we’re “amazing” because we said so, that only happens if someone else said it first. I suppose to live in a world without labels, would be to live in a world of candor; and some people don’t like that label.


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