The Visual

You may read this and be offended, but let it be known this is a place for me to speak my mind, not for you to leave me a piece of yours. Yes, women struggle. We struggle through hormones, lower pay, degrading calls, the nightmare-a-month, the neverending need to be the “perfect” figure or person; there’s alot of hindering qualities put upon my gender. Though I also wish to speak for the other ones, the men. We may see men to be the caregiver, the stronger of the two, the one who can hold out the most; don’t you believe that’s alot of pressure?

What if the man is sweet & pure, is his manhood hurt and unsure? What if he gets bullied daily & rough, he’s just supposed to be tough? What if he can’t speak his emotions due to pride, should he hide them behind lies?

Men & women have their struggles, they have their doubts; but coming together might just put them out. Enough with stereotypes & “what should be”, let’s take the shape of the world and make it “we” instead of “me”.


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