Two Worlds

My little emails from “The Universe” I get daily, always coincide to my life in the moment. Today, it talked about taking everything; the good, bad, inbetween, and everything else, and use it. Don’t force the unforceable. It sparked my writing ego, so here we go..

When you study for tests, or you meet someone new, maybe you’re just trying to be spontaneous and out of the blue; you only decide to take the aspects you like, instead of looking at your whole subject as a subjective plight. In order to make sense of things, wouldn’t it make sense to take the wrath and the water? Yin-Yang aren’t made to be necklaces, they’re made to show that there is no light without dark, & that the necklace is close to your heart; reminding you that both are intertwined in you. I forget this often, as my yin or my yang will overcompensate, and I’m left with what I only choose to see. Accept both sides and all will be right; even if you want to go left.


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