We live our lives in quantum force, but do we realize how we live it in voice? We speak in harsh nature, or we can choose to be softly spoken. The words we choose can offer a lifetime of choices; there’s a difference between, “Hi, my names Aaron” & “Hi” with your arms crossed. One offers a mild friendship while the other closes off any sort of treasure meant. I choose my words wisely for this reason, though sometimes my words come out vague and with unavoidable treason. We can’t help be on gaurd when our pasts are muddied with contempt, or slathered in regret. It can take alot to see a person through their words; there’s hidden meanings behind what a person says based on what they’ve learned. Reflecting back on words, maybe, “Hi, I’m Aaron” holds hidden agendas; whereas, “Hi” with those closed arms really wants communication  in all its splendor. Watch and listen to words that hang in the air, whether they are for good intent or despair.

Who knows how words travel.


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