Near “Adult”

Lately struggles seem high; school seems crushing, reading seems unbearable, writing seems tiresome. Though I think this is only because that light at the end of the tunnel; that piece of hope that you know will give you a good ending. It works as a motivater sometimes, knowing you’ll move out in a year, graduate, start a job, all these adult things. Then again, it makes you wish that the tedious teen years would go by quicker. Adults may have bigger “adult” problems, and while it may seem scary to some, it’s appealing to most. To not have curfews, to live on your own time, to work hard at a job, to live on your own; the feeling of independance is a strong one at best. Lots of elders come to me saying I won’t enjoy my adulthood, that I have to much of a wondrous mind that will be crushed; I think of it as a challenge, to prove the fact that my wondrous mind will make wonders happen in the world of grown-ups. I think the best of years ahead, and I can only hope the same for others thinking. Don’t let adulthood dreams become debilitating, let them become real.


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