I feel sometimes as people living in the technology generation we begin to lose sight of the vital necessities of communication; connotations are tossed into the wind over instant messaging, but they are easily conveyed through brief real life communication.

I find that the real life talks are what let you see the person for who they are; we pay too much attention to people’s words instead of caring for the gestures they make which imply real meaning. The twiddling of thumbs, combing through hair, tapping fingers, biting tips of nails. Too each person there is hidden meaning.

And truly it is by mannerisms that we judge people; how they dress, walk, act, or even hold a smile. It is then that we take into consideration their words & their implication through their talks that makes their mannerisms seem more humble.

Though niether mannerisms nor talk should be separated from the other, because it has always taken two halfs to make a whole; and seeing the whole of a person is better than the one half you chose to see, or simply believed to see.


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