1: Midnight Prince

It’s poetry writing month in my club; finally! I haven’t posted in a little bit, so here’s a quick poem I posted in the club. My goal this month is to write a poem everyday (I would have started on the 1st, but procrastination and hesitation got the best of me)

Poems are one of my favorite things to write; so here we go.

Poem 1:

A discrete conversation emerges in the moonlight,
I’m hit with an incessant feeling of being over-zealous,
For I see the blue hues that are carried across the lake, and the green upon the land that are now white from a midnight moon.

The fabulous endeavor was not embarked on alone,
Me, myself, and I were now connected to someone else under the stars
And he in all his,
Poignant beauty,
Was not something to be compared to the way the stars shown that night.

The marriage of the night sky and the bright clusters of galaxies in the sky made the night seem,

Perhaps a fairytale lay in my future with my midnight prince.

But I don’t think sunlight will show him in beneficial light.


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