2: Holiday “Cheer”

Around the holidays there’s a constant daze,
as if we all fall under the spell of consumerism.
For one, am not part of this yearly ritual.

I say yearly not in the sense that it happens every year,
But that it is an ongoing dilemma throughout the year.
People are force fed good deals,
When really,
If thought about,
Are only good deals because you’re subjected to buy presents for “hundreds” of people in your range of human-beings.

The so called ‘black sheep’ of all holiday shopping – also marked black Friday-
remains to be one of the most threatening of all consumerism trades.

You’d think buying presents would be a happy and joyous occasion.
You are left with bruised elbows and gifts you only bought for the sake of someone else not receiving them.
It’s funny how holidays are meant to be celebrating but in turn are often used as a,
Corrupt, source of embellishment.

Here’s to the holidays cheers,
Because all you’ll have by the end of the year,
Is gifts you didn’t need, and wrapping paper covering what isn’t sincere

– (This is quite a grim poem, but we had to write about something related to black Friday and I think everyone can agree it is not always the best experience. I like the holidays; this is just what flowed out of me when having to write about the subject)


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