3: Illustrious Honor

Living in the age of technology, we know hidden secrets of others in the world.
We receive instant communication,
Even if the information is something not needed.

Not only do we pride ourselves in knowing things,
But we dive into the world of other people.
This notion,
Being “famous”, is something humans cling too.

Can you imagine,
If you were bombarded for eating the wrong cereal?
For making one false move and tripping over your two feet?

Seems silly, almost..
Preposterous, right?

And yet, many human beings in this world are well known for the things they contribute,
And we bombard them because we consider it a right to ourselves.

They are still human beings,
Yet idolized because people know their name
Some let the words get to their head,
Seek to be humble and do better.

I can’t help but wonder if maybe when we treat someone like a separate creature in their own right, if we’re also forcing them,
To maintain an image of being that creature.

(I missed yesterday; I’ll post two today)


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