4: A Preferred Glimpse

I think everyone has something they desire to look at,
It could be the trees that has its roots deep within the ground.
These people may like that the trees remain in the same place,
Solemn, and whole,
But can change with the weather.

It could be the hands of the one they love,
Aged and withered.
Young and pure.
Hands show where the person has been and show creativity.

It could be the paintings of a favored artist,
The way the brush strokes the canvas speaks to them,
Even if, the canvas only has a single stroke.
The colors bring out memories for them, and they can’t stand the blank white.

It could be sunsets,
The colors are always different, the clouds,
Forever puffy yet always happy,
It symbols ending in a beautiful way.
And I for one, love my sunsets.


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