6: Reserved – Rant

I find in this day and age, we are very open to the public.
Relationships are out in the open,
Preferences are shown through pictures,
Even fights are all over social media.

It’s appalling to me, how someone will be reserved,
Only to,
Gloat or misbehave and backtalk another knowing they aren’t around.

Nothing in this world was ever solved by shouting the problem in a place it won’t be heard.

I for one, take solace in the fact that I remain reserved in most places.
It’s intriguing how much you hear and learn,
When your ears listen and your mouth stays zipped.
People slip up more often than not when you let them run rampant.
I find it an unappealing trait when posts their rants about someone else upon a social platform.
If it really bothered you, and you weren’t in it for glamour, you would’ve directed it
Towards the person.
Not the world.

I suppose I can call myself a hypocrite, as I’m complaining right now on a social platform.

But I can’t direct this to one single person when there are millions of people doing it.
Guess I’ve become part of the cliche.


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