7: Happy Vs Content – Short

In the midst of life, you may be asked,
Are you happy?
In this moment you may say yes.

Further on, you may reflect,
Are you a happy person all the time?
You may say yes; most likely no.

The truth is, being ‘happy’ all the time is an unattainable goal.
You’re set up for failure everytime because,
Even in the prime of life, you can have your bad moments.

You could be content.

You are content with what life has given,
What you have earned in life,
Even the anger and sad moments don’t dull or lapse your judgement.

You are perfectly content with your surroundings.

For someone to tell me they are happy all the time,
I often laugh and ask,

But are you content?

Ha.. You weren’t expecting that one.


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