8: Bottled – Poem

There are many things I hold back still,
Even though the water is cold in my veins and sends me chills.

I didn’t think holding back would lock up my chest,
But I didn’t believe that I needed a key to to unlock your secret crest.
Often relationships in my life need fixed,
Perhaps if I’d listen to logic my mind would’ve been spared.

People plague you with their vile,
Yet still put upon a face of innocent guile.
They expect me to open up my mouth,
Did you think I’d have lies coming out?

Again, truth speaks loudest,
But I guess it doesn’t hurt those who have earmuffs clouding their prowess.
They expect you to open your heart to the world,
Yet when lies are not what you seek,
And what they wish to hear,
You’d rather have it leave a tear.

I keep to myself,
Because my heart taught me so.
Though my brain has that cold river coursing though it,
And it is no longer chills that make me want to spill.

Though even if someone were to plead;
I would lock myself up and throw away the key.


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