Cliche Me – Infinity Dreams Award

This will not be a cynical poetic piece dedicated to society.. Nope! I have been nominated to give 11 facts about myself, and then answer the following questions…

Oh dear; here we go

1: I have been stung by a jellyfish twice at New Smyrna beach.

2: I have had over 20 different pets, from hermit crabs to horses.

3: I make a lot of art, so much so that it fills up more than half of my room.

4: I use different mediums a lot, but my preferred are watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencils.

5: I’ve owned a keyboard for 13 years and a guitar for 1 and can’t play either.

6: I have a huge pet peeve of people chewing with their mouth open.

7: I have been to an Imagine Dragons, Milky Chance, and Ed Sheeran concert – (separately).

8: I have been homeschooled all my life, and only started online when I started high-school.

9: I have a fear of water, or rather a distaste for it; the open ocean remains a big glob of freaky to me.. – (which is rather odd because my zodiac is Pisces)

Sneak Fact: I very much like to indulge in astrology, and find it fascinating.

10: Despite that my posts may seem brash or harsh, I’m actually a decent human being; I actually want to be a art therapist, and it will be what I go to college for.

11: Among growing up an only child, now that my parents have found other people, I now have six step-siblings – (3 on each side, 3 girls, 3 boys)




Questions from Leah:


Whatโ€™s your preferred music genre?
I don’t believe I can narrow it down for you; certain moods I’m in depict what I listen too.

Where were you born?
Columbia….. Columbia, Maryland! Ha, gotchya – (No one ever laughs when I try that)

How old are you?
I am 16 going on 17 – (I applaud anyone who sang that like I did – B-day is in March)

Whatโ€™s your favorite animal? Do you have any pets?
I have such a soft spot for all animals – (this does not include insects or arachnids) – but my favorite land animal is a giraffe, and I am very fond of jellyfish and octopi. Currently I only have a dog.

Do you prefer writing poetry or stories?
Definitely poetry; it’s more fitting for the things that I want to write about.

Questions from Grace:

What is your least favorite saying?
“We’re pregnant”.. NO! The lady is pregnant.. Just, no.

Whatโ€™s your favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving; it has the least creepiest backstory and I can eat all the food I want without judgement.

Where do you gain inspiration the most?
I want to say everything, but I get a lot of inspiration from pictures; I always look for a hidden meaning and I bounce off of that.

How long have you been blogging, and what got you to blog in the first place? [shh double question, I know]
I think about a year, and I originally started when I joined my creative writing club, and was invited to look at a blog a fellow student created.. It inspired me to start my own.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Ireland, though I have many other places I’d visit.


Now to nominate some other poor suckers, hehe. – (If you’ve already been nominated, I apologize if you’ve already done this)

Pens and Castles on a Cloud

Young and Free at Heart



My question for you all are as follows:

Something that is cliche about you?
A talent you have?
Do you connect to animals or people better?
Favorite author?
Least favorite season and why?

(Don’t forget your 11 facts)


And now I feel exposed; great, the intrigue and mysteriousness known as me is no more. Ha, farewell!

Thank you Leah and Grace for nominating me! – (Not really though, this was somewhat tortuous, lol)


15 thoughts on “Cliche Me – Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Even though I’ve already done this, I feel obliged to answer your questions!
    1. Something cliche about you?
    Speaking Doctor Who-wise, my favorite Doctor and companion is Rose and 10th, which is the most popular combination.
    2. A talent you have?
    I am musically inclined, I’ve been told. I was first chair all three years of middle school band (clarinet for those asking) and in 7th grade my teacher gave me a college level piece of music and helped me prepare for a performance (which I received a 93% on O.o)
    3.Do you connect with animals or people better?
    I want to say animals, but animals don’t really like me, so I have to say people.
    4.Favorite author?
    John Green.
    5.Least favorite season and why?
    Oh my put me on the spot like that lol. Um, I would have to go with the returning of everything in the spring. Not only does everything want to reproduce on my arm (I know, gross) but it’s cleanup time in my house. Not going to continue because I do not like ranting.

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  2. Loved it, (and I wish I knew your real name, but I guess averagemads totally suffices!)
    Yeah “we’re pregnant” in the literal sense is totally inaccurate, like you do not know the pain and the struggle, but I guess on the other hand, I think it’s mainly used figuratively, since it’s both their child, but LOL I know what you mean xD

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      1. Nice! Mine as well! I’m on Editorial Board for the first time this year, it’s kind of cool. What other clubs are you in? ๐Ÿ™‚
        [and i just noticed you and Leah have the same blog design LOL. they’re both very unique though, and it’s such a cool theme!]


      2. We both noticed that too the other night, I didn’t even notice till she pointed it out, lol. And wow! I would’ve enjoyed editorial board, but this year has been too hectic for me to do that. And I’m also in the FITT club; I wanted to join the Newspaper one badly, but couldn’t convince myself to send an application.

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      3. Yeah I understand, I’m in 5 clubs but thankfully they’re not too bad. The Board hasn’t had anything to edit yet (as far as I know LOL) but the writing essay part can be pretty hard [i don’t ever know what to write about haha] but it’s very neat ๐Ÿ™‚
        FITT club sounds awesome! And maybe next year you can join NIAC? But I bet it’ll be even more hectic your senior year, but oh well :/


      4. It’s actually a very nice club; though they don’t have many requirements, and the teachers are a little bit too perky, but that’s kind of the purpose of FITT, ahah. I don’t see my senior year being too stressful, at least for my plans; what is the NIAC club?

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      5. Oh, duh, lol.. For some reason I had in my head different initials for it. I most likely will join it next year, along with FITT and CWC again; I wanted to join an artistic club, but when I contacted the head for that club they made it sound like they weren’t invested in the club truly, so I opted out. I also almost joined speech & debate, but same conclusion when contacting the head for it.

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      6. I’m in Speech and Debate, and that’s why I wanted to run for President this year: last year we did do some cool things, but overall I felt like we could push harder to actually utilize what we’ve learned in actual debate competitions, like Latin club does (Florida has Latin forums all over the state students participate in every year). Unfortunately I couldn’t run because I was already an officer for another club and the requirements said I couldn’t be an officer elsewhere(this rule was changed the day before elections, so at this point I didn’t even want to run), but I can see already that the “investment” you mentioned isn’t there again this year. We had this AWESOME co-sponsor last year who was all about debating controversial topics (that’s what Speech and Debate is supposed to be, right?) but another teacher is that sponsor this year, and I don’t know…and I’m starting to see that fine line between “no hurting anyone” and “actual debate.” My idea was kind of shot down about doing the more rigorous debating, whilst keeping group debate so everyone is participating, so I’m just going to see how it goes the following meeting :/ I was like so excited to help mold this club (it’s one of the younger clubs of FLVS) but oh well (sorry for the long reply!)
        Again, speech and debate is a cool club, but there’s potential that isn’t quite there yet xD


      7. That’s exactly why I was so interested in that club! I love debating (harsh or not) because you get to hear both sides; and personally I love getting my opinion across. Though I am sorry that you have to do the mediocre chat and debate, it is still something. Frankly speaking, whoever emailed me gave that exact impression; that the things that would be discussed just weren’t as progressive and brute as I was hoping they would be. That said, I’m happy just being in CWC and FITT; though neither of them correlate to what I want to do in the future, they are easy to me and are things I enjoy doing. These replies are getting long, lol.. Feel free to just email me at

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