Trivial Material

It’s odd how we place feelings upon objects we don’t need.

Our house sits,
Objects weigh it down more than merriment.

That new house feeling is one of grandeur for me..
I can’t help but swell at the place that sits without anything in it.
I think,
In this age,
It has become easier to place feelings in things, than have feelings associated with memories.

We sit and stare at a picture, and we remember that flash;
We can’t remember what happened before that flash blinded us.

Do you ever notice that when you move or clean, you get rid of things you realize you don’t need anymore?
Did you even use it, or did it just sit weighing there because you never really
Needed it.

I’d rather live in an empty house,
Than one that is used for a compartment of spurious items..


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