11: Fiend

(an older poem. I think this will be a repost.. I don’t remember what I did with it originally. This was back when I would rhyme a lot to try and sugarcoat things)



A fiend,
a little me scampers across your life hoping to be unscathed by your ungrateful gaze,
you look beyond my barriers and see a kid who’s easy to break,
you know that I can’t fight back against your words because they are the first I ever heard.

A fiend,
you think bluntly against me, igniting my hatred towards the things about me I should learn to love,
thick hair and freckled cheeks shouldn’t be cumbersome to you,
yet your anger is so bitter underneath that I can’t see it’s not me you’re angry at.

A fiend,
you come from a broken home and maybe it was my once wholesome family that set you aflame,
yet how can you blame a innocent child for a parents strain.
My little eyes try to see past your fury but it tears me apart trying to piece you together.

A fiend,
I learned eventually to be the thick haired and freckled girl with pride,
I grew up stronger for the angst that was put down on me by what you thought was hatred towards me.

I suppose in the end you won, or thought you did,
we no longer exchange words after I learned better for my health,
I suppose you won the first fight, but I won the prize.


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