Having to post everyday started to become a chore, and that isn’t what I use writing for. I set goals for myself in writing, and I never fulfill them; others might see this as procrastination or just laziness. Though I honestly never fulfill them because it starts to make writing demanding, and I write for the sake of putting my thoughts in words, for putting my mind at ease, not to get used to setting goals or making achievements.

I will still post, but only when my head is clustered.

On that note, I find it harder to write when I’m in a better mood. I get better writing when I’m angsty, or flustered; most likely because I use writing to ease my mind from it. Things have been going well for me (though this will be short-lived when school starts again; gotta’ love state exams) and I notice I don’t need my creative outlets as much.

So, until my mind is muddled with thoughts that won’t leave me alone, enjoy the posts that I previously wrote, until a new one is issued 🙂


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