Real Version

Scrolling through the posts, I see how much the past year affected me.

I let myself become the emotional sponge I always compare myself too, I let things cloud my head. I let things that had affect me for years tear me down; all by choice.

I firmly believe that you choose how you feel in the moment, in every moment. And frankly, I’m not satisfied with how I felt all of last year.

If I didn’t have all these logs of my thoughts, I don’t think I would’ve caught it. That’s why I started this blog honestly; to keep track of my thoughts and to talk to myself essentially. At this point, I’m surprised you’re still reading, because again this post is towards me. The first of the new year.

I’m hoping in a year, I can look back through all my posts, and be grateful that I took care of myself rather than making everyone else try and be happy. This year is going to be good, Madison. You just have to make it so.

(For anyone that made it this far, I hope you’re going to make the best of this “clean slate”, new year for yourself as well)


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