11’O’Clock Thoughts – Deserving

I find myself on the verge sometimes. Wishing to help others is a gift not many have, yet a wish many receive. I find that in my brief years of living, that help can mean many things to someone. 

Helping can mean listening to the storm of emotions your friend has trifled through.

Helping can be getting your hands dusty with flour while helping to cook.

Helping can simply be on your own, while you sit and do good on your own accord.

Though I have also discovered, there are creatures on this earth who will put themselves before others; while I find it a redeeming quality, those kinds of people will often find themselves without the help they give so much unto others. I have always been among these creatures; though I don’t like to categorize myself, I do put peoples storms in front of mine, or in better terms I combine them into one big issue that I must solve. 

Some words I saw the other day rather hit upon this topic quite right, “You deserve the kind of love that you put into the world and give unto others.” or something along those lines. And it struck me very vividly; because people will tell you throughout your life that you deserve better, but they will never distinguish what it is that is “better” in terms of what you deserve. Because no one can actually figure that question out besides yourself. You set the limits for what you think you deserve; and myself being a firm-believer in karma, whatever you put into the world will come back to you and that will be what the world deemed for you to deserve. You just have to make sure what you think you deserve, you put into the world yourself, first.


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