Another One – Liebster Award

I feel like I’ve done one too many of these and I’m starting to lose my mysteriousness… Not that I probably had any to begin with but, here we go.

Thank you to the lovely Leah for nominating me (and anybody else who did)

My questions I must answer:

1. Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Sweet for sure; though I’m a sucker for sweets in general.

2. Coffee or Tea?

Eh, neither honestly. I would prefer water over anything, but if I had to pick a different liquid it’d have to be hot cocoa.

3. Favorite movie?

One that has stuck with me through the years is American Beauty; I take something away from it everytime I watch it. And I find it a great resemblance of the different kinds of people.

4. What do you seek to accomplish with your blog?

To see how I progress as a person throughout my years; and also it allows me to get my thoughts into the air, which I often have trouble with in real life.

5. What do you think about conspiracy theories (had to ask, ha)?

Some are reasonable; though I find most are made up of satires.

6. Do you prefer your hair long or short?

Long for sure. My hair is wavy/curly, so shorter hair equals frizzier hair in my case and I’m not up for having that.

7. Do you wish you named your blog differently?

Not at all; I’ve always loved my blogs name, and I find it a perfect fit for me.

8. Age?

16, 17 in a few short months.

9. Books or movies?

NO! Ugh… If I had to pick long term? Books.

10. Warm or cold weather?

I prefer a mix of both, but I’d rather endure cold weather.

11. Dogs or cats?

Dogs; cats act like they own the world, and I don’t appreciate that.

Now for my nominees: (I apologize if you have been nominated, but I honestly don’t follow many people so.. sorry)


Pens and Castles on a Cloud

Daily Inklings

Passions and Ambitions

Miss Magic’s Memoir

Questions you must answer:

1: Do you wish you had started your blog differently?

2: Favorite thing you last heard?

3: One word to describe your online life.

4: Do you think yourself a optimist or pessimist?

5: A physical attribute you notice first in others?

6: Camping or napping? (Neither are related, but I’m curious)

7: Stars in the sky or Christmas lights hanging in your room?

8: Favorite quality in anothers writing?

9: Something you despise?

10: One thing you wish you wrote more about?

(If I didn’t nominate you, feel free to still answer the questions in a comment)












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