Kiddie Moments – Medium

In psychology, learning about developmental psychology and how the brain develops at a young age, it scared me to find out this fact. There are certain periods in the time of being a young kid, where learning certain abilities become a crucial factor; if the skill is not fully achieved or learned in the crucial period, it may never be learned or may take years to even achieve coming close to learning the ability.

What scares me about this, is that what if certain aspects of people that we would consider to be almost an honorary enrollment into society; like table-manners, politeness, behaving correctly in certain occasions; All the “norms” of society that they have labeled for our growing generation.. What if for some people it is just impossible to achieve those abilities because they never grasped that aspect in the crucial stages of their kid life?

It’s interesting to think that I may care more for others rather than myself (even in a subconscious manner) because in my crucial stages I never learned to defend and care for myself, but rather developed the “skill” of helping others. What if I’m an emotional person because in my crucial stage I didn’t learn to talk openly about my thoughts or to be able to control them when need be? I suppose most people would just associate those attributes of mine to personality; which truth be told they are.. But what if they are only my personality traits because in my most crucial stages of learning, no one taught me the “normal”?

This is why I love finding those broken stages in others. Think of it this way; if you passed all your crucial stages perfectly, those little quirks of yours wouldn’t exist, you wouldn’t be you. You’d be another cog in a machine that the world keeps pumping oil into. Those “broken” or “abnormalities” are truly what make an individual; not the fact that you passed your crucial period, but the fact that you tried and ‘failing’ it still created the human being that is you.


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