Not an Adjective

Disorders among our society are one of the most controversial topics I have found, and they are practically beat to death upon by stigma. People like to throw around names of disorders like they are no big deal, “Oh, I’m so OCD.” “I have anxiety, so I can’t do that.” “Ugh, she is so bi-polar.”

I find this rather degrading to people that actually have these disorders; mental and physical disabilities are one in the same; just because you can’t see the ‘problem’ area doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What if you threw around physical disabilities like you do with disorders? “My legs are asleep, it’s like I had them amputated.” “He never uses his arms it’s like he doesn’t have any.” “She’s so lazy to walk anywhere she should just own a wheelchair.”

People like to throw around things that they don’t understand; it’s like the expression “to poke the bear” but you’re actually poking a sharp rod into what you think is invisible. It bothers me on a tremendous level that with all of the resources we have at our fingertips to learn about everything there is to possibly learn, we can’t take five minutes out of our day to learn something new about a topic most people choose to ignore.

So here’s a little challenge for anyone who reads this; next time you hear of a disorder, whether it be because it was thrown-around, talked about, or maybe you remember you have relations to someone who has a disorder.. take time to pull out your phone, laptop, even a book, and actually educate yourself in what someone goes through in their day to day life in that simple little word you used to describe a person who probably doesn’t even know the half of it.







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