Industry – CWC Post – Short

She picks up the pencil to write solemn music, but the words always flow angrily out of the lead weapon she holds. She writes to let her emotions run free, but the amount of words that want to flow onto the paper want to burst open onto the lines. She despises that this moment in time, she can’t express herself because the vow of music has set her to limit herself. In order to express herself she must have the sentences be short, they must rhyme in order, and be catchy for the people.
She doesn’t want to write for these reasons; she feels subjected to the commonness of what others want.
Music has become her ball and chain; the ball being the industry that anchors her words, and the chain being the fans that trail along to hear her shortened strained notes.
Music has turned her thoughts into catchy phrases, the jingles that drive her insane.
Music has become an entity of others reflected on her, it is no longer her music she hears.


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