Planning for Nothing

In the past years it has become my minds main focus to be placed in the future. Everything involving life and school seemed like a jumbled mess in the moment and all my mind was set on was being an adult. I’m sure I’m not the only one; but I can’t imagine everyone who thinks like this is able to see the devastating factor of having this mind-set.

When you’re so set on living in the future, you start to wish for a way out of the now. All you can see is the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s unbearable to be in the present. It’ll start to weigh down on your life, and you can’t find what’s making everything so unbearable.

Well, it’s you.

As much as you have such dreams for the future, some of those may not happen; but some of the dreams you don’t even realize are right in front, you will miss because your “future” is clouding you.

What you should do (and what I’ve recently been doing), is focusing on the now to make way for the future. You can lay stuck in the gutter of your thoughts and once your future hits you, it’s not what you wanted. Because everything you do, right now and here, is what will make the “dream future” reality. Start paying forward to your future, and enjoying where you are now; because you’ll look back and see that everything you did in the moment, every little thing you enjoyed, made the future all the more rewarding.


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