Honesty Glass

I’ve been stuck on this quote all day that I read in my psych book, “Truth can only be tolerated if you discover it yourself.” – Fritz Perls

In the world among us, it is hard to hear the truth from others. We ask for opinions that we really didn’t want, because we only wish to hear what is in our heads; though the truth is this, we can only bear hearing or learning the truth from ourselves because we make our own perception off of what we learned.

It’s hard to accept the truth from someone else because they see their truth in their own light, in their own eyes, and this kind of “truth glass” is different for everyone. When we learn the truth for ourselves, our renderings are ours, they’re our truths; but when spoken from someone else we see a tinted version of the truth and this remains the reason why it is unreasonable to most people to hear the actual truth rather than what they perceive as “truth”.

I think this is why people developed the “sugar-coating” technique.. People try to tailor their truth from user to reader in order for the person to be able to accept the honesty, but in all reality this “fake truth-glass” shatters under the weight. People are taken as blunt if they speak their truth, but if you want to break it down, truth is different to everyone being.

What you and your friend may both believe as truth, both of you will believe it the truth for different reasons; so in technicality of it all, there is no real truth, because everyone has their own tinted glass they choose to look through and when they see the other tints of glass it just looks like a foggy perception of what was said.








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