BRA – Another Award

Blogger Recognition Award:

I’m winning more awards than Leonardo DiCaprio & I’m slightly not okay with it.

But a lovely thank you to Tseely and Leah for nominating me; here are the lovely links to their sites

A Story of How You Started:

Initially starting in my CW Club, people were just starting their blogs on here (at the time only about four people had created one) and I thought it was such a lovely idea to post intimate poems and thoughts onto a blog for all to see. So initially when I started, I posted the things that could’ve been deemed “inappropriate” for my CW Club & also what I deemed too private. I still to this day do the same thing, and I don’t plan on stopping!

A Piece of Advice for Fellow New Bloggers:

Write what you want to write about; don’t subject yourself to write about things you know others want to hear. Write about the things you’re passionate about, use tags and categories to get yourself out there. The right people will find you and stay to listen because you wrote for yourself, and they loved what they heard.

Select Other Bloggers For This Tag: (It says to do 10, & some of the people I follow already have done this challenge, so I’ll tag a few that I know are sometimes active)



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