Mixed Match

Is it possible to feel one emotion, if you haven’t felt its opposite?

Recently there have been words flying in my stratosphere about how, “Only someone who loved you first, can have the ability to hate you..” and “Anger is just a place-holder for when you misunderstand something.”

In taking these two concepts, it reminds me of those cheesy romance movies where the two main characters despise each other and always have, yet in the end they come into a harmonious match. It’s almost as if hate is a non-existent factor. Here is my reasoning..

When you hate someone, to the true intent of the word, it is usually because of something detrimental that happened; but you wouldn’t hate that person, had you not felt so strongly for them beforehand, right? Because the way I see it, your only anger towards them is because you loved them at one point, and you never expected such a disastrous event to occur.

Now take for instance the movie example I gave earlier; it is very difficult to actually HATE something you don’t understand, right? And in scenarios like the one I listed, the characters hate each other because of reputation, or they never really got to know each other at all to begin with. That’s what makes it so easy for them to fall in love; in reality there was never hate, just simply a form a misinterpretation.

So it leaves me sitting in bed wondering; does hate truly exist, or is it simply a name for a feeling when we are beside ourselves with doubt?



2 thoughts on “Mixed Match

  1. I think you raise an interesting point, Madison. Quite honestly sometimes I feel anger does come only from strong emotions, meaning you had a strong feeling for something or someone before that feeling turned to hate, which was probably driven by anger or frustration–and though the cause of hate is many many things, I believe anger or frustration /fuels/ it, if that makes sense?
    The cheesy romantic movies just love to use “hate” as a “cute” ironic element. Oh they hate each other, but now they love each other? What a great plot twist 😉 Therefore I don’t know if they produce a true representation of hate in those movies; to me it always seems like it leans more towards agitation or disgust, not pure hatred (thanks Hallmark LOL). Therefore I don’t always think hate is represented accurately in those movies; in other movies, I do see true illustrations of hate, but definitely not in those cheesy romcoms 😛
    Your post immediately brought to mind “Odi et Amo” by Catullus, a very thought provoking poem I translated in my Latin III class.
    “I hate and love. By which means I do, you possibly ask.
    I don’t know, but I feel it happen and am tormented.”
    It’s an interesting concept: you love someone so much you might hate them, and you don’t know why (and vice versa? but that’s probably more rare). Maybe it’s an illusion constructed from the fact you have strong emotions for them in general, I’m not sure, but either way, the poem is kind of suggesting that love and hate go hand in hand, that these strong feelings are here for a reason, but one we’re not always aware of (I think).
    You definitely got me thinking Madison. Very intellectual post!

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    1. Loving this response Grace! And I can agree that hate is definitely not accurately depicted in romcom types; but I have seen some romance movies that had depth that carried alot of torment to them. As for that poem, that is such a thought-provoking concept; truly. I couldn’t have put it better myself about it being a ,”Illusion constructed from the fact you have strong emotions for them in general.” That is my consensus as well. I’m glad you liked the post!

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