Quote Of The Day Challenge – Three

“He may do many things, but he’s not a master of any; and I consider that a failure.” – Madison Likens

I’m sure throughout history, I am not the only person to have said this in some sort of fashion. But It occurs to me today that many people throughout the world try many things in their life, and I often feel I’m not as cultured in the world as them. Though the truth is that in reality, most of the people that have done alot, have only done each thing in miniscule amount; none of the things they’ve learned to pride themselves on have actually been mastered to perfection. To say I consider it a failure may be harsh, but I say it only towards people that consider themselves inadequate compared to people that say they have “accomplished” so much. Don’t take their “accomplishments” so heavily; if you have something mastered in your life, you’re probably much farther in life than you know.



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