Difference Doesn’t Equal Judgement

I think it’s in everyone’s inherent nature to judge things they are not accustomed too; but I’d much rather it be the natural reaction in us human beings to just be respectful of things that are different from us.

It remains strange to me that we can respect the sun for being a fiery ball of deathly lava, but we can’t respect when someone doesn’t appreciate spicy food when you love it?

We can respect that trees make all different kinds of paper, but can’t value when someone has multiple thoughts on a subject that you yourself have one decision on?

We can respect that the weather gets hot and cold, but cannot accommodate our friends who are in a spiteful mood even though they are known for always being happy?

We can respect that every animal is different due to adapting, but when someone is their own individual self, they are considered abnormal instead of unique?

We judge people for literally everything there is that makes them the person they are; music taste, favorite movies, intimate thoughts, favorite foods, home life, personality, inherent nature; yet all throughout the world among us we just accept the things we cannot change and we respect them.

So why can’t we accept the differences in people that are simply unchangeable?


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