Selfish or Self-Care – Struggle

“I say, you do have a heart!’
‘Sometimes,’ he replied. ‘When I have the time.’ ” – Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

Is there such a thing as being selfish with your time? Priorities in someones life can differ on how said person chooses to live; priorities can vary from being with family to having a bad habit of procrastination. People see time as valuable, like every second not spent doing something is time wasted; realistically if there wasn’t a measure of time to subject you too limited space to do things, ‘time’ wouldn’t be valuable, it’d just be there.

I find it rather cringe worthy when people expect my whole world to revolve on their time, and they get offended when you set your own schedule. Why do I have to sit ridiculed for spending time with family, or focusing on school rather than going to hangout with friends? My priorities don’t revolve around the gossip in our high-school lives and maintaining a ‘cliche’ notion of being best friends. My priorities are creating memories with my family, however meager; and focusing on myself so that I’m not agonizing in my adult life. Is that such a horrible thing?

I have always lived my life for others -though not as self-destructing now as it once was-, and there are moments in my life when I actually have the energy and the time to dedicate myself to the other things in my life that need help; if anything I am making sure that my best self is available 100% to certain aspects of my time, instead of being negligent to everything 100% of the time. It’s unrealistic for someone to dedicate themselves to everything on their plate in equal portions; people are supposed to pace themselves.

So referring back to the beginning quote, I can completely relate because when I can dedicate myself to outside things, it is whole-heartedly; but when I have things to do that are important, I will push aside the trivial things..

Because what’s selfish about knowing how to take care of yourself so you aren’t stressed? I have no idea, but others may have opinions on the matter; guess they take their time seriously.


One thought on “Selfish or Self-Care – Struggle

  1. I agree with you. Prioritizing and knowing how to make choices is good for you. It isn’t being selfish. Always being available to “hang out” is actually being without your own agenda, and I feel that that is more worrisome.

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