You’re Your Own Problem

Societies standards of men and women today definitely vary on the culture of where you live, but we can all agree that they exist. A lot of us -to call you and myself out- try to live upto these standards; whether it be peer pressure or the weight of the world feels like it’s crushing you.

However, I was thinking just today, “Can we really blame society if we ourselves allow our mind to be susceptible to the labels?” In my opinion, I do think that people can be influenced by what surrounds them but only if they let them.

Allowing yourself to subject your heart & mind to what society wants can’t all be blamed on them, it’s also what you do to yourself. The thoughts of wanting to be skinnier, healthier, wealthier, wanting a different lifestyle, a different look, they may be influenced by something in the moment; but you choose to dwell on it when you’re alone with no one pushing you towards those things.
It takes self-reflection at its highest to realize that you are causing your own pain; but once it’s realized it is like discovering a part of yourself you never knew about.

So before we all go blaming everything surrounding us -I am guilty of having done this in the past- take into consideration how much damage you have the ability to do to yourself, because that’s what will get you in the end.


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