Love Yourself, But Nourish The Good Parts

I think the ability for someone to be comfortable in their skin is something of a profound nature; it’s not easy to love absolutely everything about yourself, but it can be simple to accept them.

I believe the concept of “loving all and everything about you” remains unattainable. You aren’t going to like all the parts of your self -whether physical, mental, or spiritual- just as you don’t appreciate every single quality in others; but you do learn to accept other peoples “flaws”, right?

It will tear you down to pick apart the things you don’t like about yourself; don’t try to change aspects that you cannot fix by inherent nature. For instance, I don’t especially appreciate that I was born with my mothers high hips and chocolaty brown eyes, but I can’t change either of those factors; though over the years I’ve learned to accept them. I didn’t learn to accept them because someone said they love my eyes, or because I’m complimented on my figure; I learned them by spending time in the mirror, thinking about how I’m the only individual with my rich brown eyes paired with my short torso and high hips. They are aspects of me that make me the unique skeleton of a person called Madison.

No one else besides you carries around the ability to make yourself comfortable in your own skin when you are alone or with others. You start little; maybe you like the shape of your hands, or the depth of your cupids bow, and think about how unique that is to you. Appreciate that every curve and every line that makes up your body is like a piece of art; there’s only one original in the world. You don’t have to love your whole self, but you can like the little things here and there that come together to make you, and take into consideration that what your mind perceives as imperfections may have been subconsciously put there; if we weren’t surrounded by billions of people to compare ourselves too, I highly doubt we would find imperfections in ourselves.

You have the ability to nourish the physical aspect of yourself when you aren’t surrounded by the endeavors of anothers negativity.






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