How Someone Chooses To Love

It amuses me at this age to see someone get mad at there significant person when they feel out of touch when it comes to love; it’s usually the same thing that is said every-time, “I feel like I put so much effort into this thing we call a relationship, and they never give me anything.” In reality it’s because you set yourself up for failure. You can put as much love into anything as you feel necessary, but expecting the same back is not being truthful. The feeling of let-down that happens in situations like these is that people think that if they put enough love in someones heart, they are going to get the same kind of love reciprocated back; but how can you ask someone who’s completely different from you to love like you do?

Now I will say I’m excluding scenarios where the relationship is volatile and the other person most likely doesn’t carry as heavy of a feeling for you as you do for them. I’m talking in which two people really do care for another, but they love in different ways.

There are the kinds of people who put meaning in everything; every tiny morsel of themselves is immersed in making the other happy through grand gestures. Then you have the kinds of people who give their love through little things, like doing laundry, listening to your day, or doing the dishes; they see them as simple gestures but they know it makes your life easier. Sometimes it’s the little things you don’t catch, or the big gestures will throw you off because you think they’re being too much too fast.

Everyone loves things in their own way, and this is not to say they love more or less in any regard of how said person chooses to show their intrigue. Just don’t set the expectations of what you do for somebody to what you think they should be doing; because they could be doing it, you just expected the same love you’ve always surrounded yourself with. Your own.








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