Soulmates Relate To The Soul, Not Always Love

Let’s start this off with clearing the air; I believe in soulmates.

Yes I’m a cliche female, blah blah blah, let us move on to more important matters.

I had a thought today when it came to soulmates; I don’t think all of them fall in love, or that they are meant too. I think they are simply meant to find each-other at some point in their lives.

I believe in soulmates because I think the inherent nature in all of us to find someone like us, is because there is someone out there who is meant to fill that need. We need this ‘soulmate’, so we can be reassured that we essentially have “ourselves” to rely on.

On the matter of being in love with said soulmate… I have always believed there is a distinct difference between loving something, and being in love with something. There will always be a calling to love said soulmate, though this doesn’t always mean you’ll be in love with them. It makes me wonder however; if soulmates are supposed to be this sort of, replica, of ourselves.. Is it possible to love them if we do not love ourselves first? Finding a soulmate is like finding yourself. You’re acknowledging and loving a human being that is like you.

So, can you even find a soulmate if you don’t realize the kind of soul you are to begin with?


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