Sunshine Award – Time For Some Rays

I was nominated by the lovely  

1: I have actually been home-schooled all my life. As a child my mom would order books and she would essentially be my teacher, and then during late middle school years and now in high school I do a virtual school.

2: I’ve always had a very sincere nature to help people, however I’m consistently driven insane by people complaining about the same problem over and over again in their life when they are the person causing their own pain. I find that it makes it harder to help them, and I then become frustrated because I’m unable to help.

3: In my years of life currently, I have moved to three different states and seven different houses.

4: I have the weirdest form of being anxious in an airport.. For whatever reason if I go through an airport alone I am perfectly fine -if anything I find it exhilarating because I feel like an adult- however if I’m with someone I get very anxious; I put it in the fact that I think when someone is with me, subconsciously I know I can rely on them whereas when I’m by myself I only have me to count on.

5: On the airport note, I have been on an airplane about twenty times in my life so plane travel is harmless to me. Though I have a fear of flying over water, and I absolutely despise when the plane turns and it feels like it’s tipped all the way on its side.

6: I have been stung by a jellyfish twice in my life -I feel like I’ve mentioned this before in other awards- and ironically enough they are my favorite sea creature. I find them very ethereal and calming for sometimes being a very harmful creature.

7: I feel that since birth I’ve always had a natural affinity for animals, though I find the older I get the more fascinated and understanding I become of people. As a child I just don’t think I understood people as much as I do now, so I always preferred animals to anyone. Now I feel like the affinity for them is equal now.

8: I was born an only child, but since my parents remarried I now have six siblings; three sisters, and three brothers, which works out in an odd way considering I always wanted siblings.

9: I always tried to tap into writing at a younger age; I remember being 9 years old and using my mothers very old desktop to write a book about bullying. I never got further than five pages whenever I tried to write a book that young, and now I feel like I never have enough time or space to write all the things in my head. It was quite profound once I was able to tap into another way of expression.

10: As much as I write and do my artwork, it genuinely bothers me that I’m without musical talents. Which is such a shame considering I love many kinds of music with all my heart -something I inherited through my parents- and I find it such a true form of expressing yourself. It’s also sad considering I’ve owned a keyboard and guitar for many years, and can play neither.

11: It’s been such a trip to see my book taste overflow into something quite different from what it used to be. I used to really enjoy the classic teenage fiction novels written by James Patterson or Cassandra Clare; now I can only read the actual classics like Ayn Rand or Fitzgerald because I find the writing of this decade very trivial unless it’s a factual book. The writing of the 18th-19th century just has so much more meaning than the fanatic things that come out nowadays.

12: So, time for a little funny irony if you know anything about astrology. I was born a Pisces -double Pisces, moon and sun to be exact- and my mother is a Cancer, and my dad a Gemini. If you don’t know much about astrology, Cancer and Pisces are like one in the same, two peas in a pod; however Pisces and Gemini are very different. So I was raised by opposites who showed me two very different sides of people, and I’m very thankful for how they raised me in our dynamic trio.

13: Another astrology irony.. You’d think as a Pisces I’d love the water right? Mmm, yeah no, missed the affinity for that one. I can remember being deathly afraid of the pool even with my mom to catch me and while wearing floats. Even at the beach I am only ever in the sand. I also don’t enjoy boats, and absolutely will never get onto a cruise ship. Though I do enjoy the pool now, I still am not a fan of open ocean in any regard.

14: Little family fact, we’re literal hobbits. The tallest females in my family genetically are 5’3, and one of them is my mother. I’m 5’1 and considered tall compared to other females in my family; I believe the shortest may be 4’5.


I know another rule is to nominate fourteen people, but everyone I follow has either been tagged, or too big a blog to notice the nomination. Though I encourage everyone to spice up their blog with facts about themselves; I’m sure your readers are curious.


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