Am I My True Self? – Short

Most of my life I’ve been alone; in the sense that I was home-alone, few friends, and just had a lot of free-time to myself. With only me to entertain the passing time, I find I often got carried away with imagination. When I was younger I’d pretend I was acting, or sing the loudest I could, or dance around the house and play dress up. I just found that I was a more exuberant and extroverted person when I’m by myself, and it leaves me to wonder if this is my true nature, or simply a way to keep myself from boredom.

It makes me think maybe everyone’s true nature comes out when they’re alone, and perhaps this is why you never can truly know a person. There will always be a side to others that never comes out because it’s just too precious to them, it’s to true of their psyche; and in a society that judges you for who you are, it can be difficult to reveal yourself.

Just as the galaxy is vast in size, people and their nature are vast in soul.

So, is it actually possible to show your true colors to someone, or are human-beings simply made to always be mysterious?


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