Growing Up pt. Two – New Beginnings

It’s funny how much things can change in a year. Just today I was notified that I’ve had this blog for little over a year, and I scrolled past some of my very first posts on this site. It’s amazing the transition you can see throughout a whole year of your life; you can actually see or hear the changes in yourself when they’re documented in such a fashion.

A year can seem short-lived, and it can also seem like a tragically never-ending portal of doom. Last year for me was the latter, unfortunately. Though last year held tragic moments, I found out so much about myself. I found that I love helping people, and this was how I developed an interest in psychology. I found new ways to develop my art on my own, and I’m making art constantly. I found that both of those passions can be combined into an actual profession; an art therapist. I found that my own psyche was causing me stress, not the things around me. I found that I could overcome parts of my shyness, and handle my anxiousness.

I’ve been thinking to myself for awhile now; what if I could even further document each year of my life? And what if in that process, I can help others along the way? It seems like such a grand idea, almost unattainable. I want to reach out to more people, talk about important things, spread the word about important things; and I feel like my blog isn’t doing enough justice in that department. So, I thought to myself, “What if I started a YouTube channel?”

YouTube -while it may take awhile to build a base of people watching- can reach so many people, instantly; and I know more people that use it on a regular basis than they do checking on blogs. It’d be the same as what I do here; talking about the things I’m passionate about and what I believe people don’t think about enough.

Maybe this year will be the year I find my voice.


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