Destiny and How I Perceive It

A discussion between me and my Mother ensued the other day, when she showed her surprise for the background story to my latest painting. The painting in the image above is supposed to signify Lady Fortune/Destiny. Rather than bore you with the details behind the painting, I’ll just explain my stance on destiny.

There’s going to be mixed feelings for whoever reads this; but be mindful this is one persons opinion on something that is more of a spiritual aspect of life rather than physical. Everyone has a destiny -or path, if you will- that is lying within them. Some people may say that you can make your own destiny, however I always counter with people finally find their path after looking hard enough. The hair being wrapped around the boy in the painting is meant to signify the clutching feeling of having to find a path in your life. It took me years to find something I was passionate about, and at times I was afraid of failing in the attempt to ever find my calling. People go through this stumbling mess of trying to find ways to make a difference in the world, and often feel trapped by ineptitude.

I think the path that people are “supposed” to take, already lies within themselves; it just takes some realization of what you want and how you are as a person, to discover it. For instance; it’s always been in my nature to be kind to others, to be the emotional sponge of the group. I had no idea up until a year ago that art therapy was something that combined two passions of mine, into something that helps others. Can I say for sure that art therapy is what I’ll be doing in the future? No. Can I say that whatever it is I do, will be helping people? I’d like to say yes. Because to me, my path has always been to try and help others; at least when I realized it a year ago.

The foundation for your future is already laid out in front of you, you just have to take the opportunity to grab for it. This is what I mean by, “Everyone already has a destiny.” Because each individual person has a calling within them, it just takes some self discovery to find it.

So rather than make-shifting your own destiny, it’s more like making your destiny come true.

If you’d like to know more about the painting, here is my blog post:

And here is my instagram post:


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