Fish Trees

Pyrus Calleryanas lay down the now dank neighborhood lanes. It’s amazing that such a glowing white bud can have such an abundance of foul odor. The world is filled with that sort of irony; some of the most beautiful things in life can hold an inner core of something atrocious. I’ve noticed that with people sometimes, someone with the ethereal exotic outer layer, has this inner soul of tumbling turmoil. We get deceived in life by the deceptive good looks that are meant to entice us.

It’s like the juicy inner core of a truffle that has those awful calories; or those dashing emerald eyes attached to the one you hate. Some people are just Pyrus; the outstanding beauty cannot hide the foul inner core.

However there is always a positive where there is a negative. Perhaps this beautiful tree that lay planted in my front yard, with its raunchy smell, is also to showcase the yin-yang of life. Something beautiful and perfect, can always have an imperfect side; and they may not even see their own turmoil -like the flower not being able to smell itself. I call these people the Fish Trees. They are elegant and gorgeous with all their petals, but sometimes these Fish are not aware of the veil of evil that is harming their life; so they need someone to take care of them -like the Earth nurtures the trees.

Since the Pyrus and Fish are one in the same metaphor on this tree, this also shows that there will always be a mix of these two in the world; you just have to remember in life that not every foul odor thing a foul soul.


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