NaPoWriMo Eleven: Bitten

Let’s get Lost,

In this Hidden City of Glass,

Where if I Stay,

The Fang of The Burned, will Bite me.



  • I’ve yet to explain my poetry in the past 11 days of this challenge, but I thought this one -being so simple- maybe a little explanation would take it to the next level.
  • “Lets get lost,” I am referring to two people. “The hidden city of glass,” refers to love; love while very romanticized and lovely, is still an easy thing to shatter. “Where if I stay, the fang of the burned, will bite me.” is to create the image that if these two people choose to fall in love -especially the female in this case, which in my imagination is me- she will fall in love with him despite his darkness (burned), and will endure the pain of being with him (bite).


  • I would also like to say this challenge was inspired by the lovelies participating in the month of poetry along-side me (And of course everyone else doing the challenge!)

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