NaPoWriMo Thirteen: Squishy

The ethereal flow of,
The sapphire water,
Glows against its companion.

A gentle swish of water,
A splash of color,
Dipped in heaven is this one.

Bright colors shine about it,
Though the vessel is,
Without a morsel of thought.

It is a lovely sight now,
Though deadly when wrung.
Its maneuvers are not taught.

It seeks to harm not at all,
Thought its ghastly strings,
Entangled them all.


6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Thirteen: Squishy

      1. I can agree with you on that one. Jellyfish are among sea-creatures that are very vast in difference the farther into the ocean you go. Probably another reason I adore them; they are more extravagant the deeper you go. (Sort of like people)

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