NPWM Twenty-Nine: Memory Vow

I remember how his hands looked; Rough and Scuffed.
They reminded me of the cold Sleet of Night,
Of the Brisk morning Breeze.

I remember looking out the window, at the Cold leaves of Dawn.
Seeing how still Everything was in the morn,
Nothing came to Life with No sunlight.

I remember trying to read a book; eyes Struggling to find Light.
These kinds of days Provided No warmth,
Not even when I turned the page & Crawled into another Nook.

I remember petting soft fur; a Delicate animal of sorts.
A canine vowed to Protect the Land,
But even he couldn’t bear, Bear the weather and Stand.

I remember being Young. I remember when I was Full of Doubts.
I’ve carried them with me All these Years,
But I’ve Never allowed my doubts to become Fears.


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