What You Put Out, Must Be You.. Yes?


It’s a harsh reality we live in where the only depth of a person we know is what they choose to dish out to the world; for an example, I post some sad things, some gloomy things, some have even put it as, “a bit serious for my age.” The truth is yes, at a fundamental level I do believe the things I put into the world, and sometimes I do drown in a puddle of bitter-sweetness called emotions; and if you want to consider me a one-dimensional person you may think I’m completely burdened by my life. The truth is that -as a dimensional human being like everyone else that rests on this planet- I’m not all doom and gloom; it’s human nature to rant about your day, and drawing and writing are both therapeutic ways for me to vent. I’m sorry that I find it difficult to write about how luminous the red flowers were in my garden today, and instead I wrote about how I burned my feet on asphalt; but pain has to come out somehow. On another personal note, I prefer to keep my happy memories to myself; those are cherished moments of my life, and I’d rather have them in my memory than be plastered all over the world; then that brings up, “Well, why would you only want your negativity broadcasted to the world?” Because it’s completely covered up through prose and poetic words. At least I can pretty up my wrongs with colors and words; you can’t cover up when the greatest moments of your life crumble beneath your very feet. Yes, this is a ramble, this is a rant; no pretty words or poetic prose.

It just needs to be said that the surface of everything is not where the greatest things lie or where the best is really revealed; the surface of the ocean can be indigo and flat, but it is the bright creatures underneath that tell the story.


9 thoughts on “What You Put Out, Must Be You.. Yes?

  1. Oh my Madison…this is my favorite thing you’ve ever posted. I relate so so much as you can probably tell by my own posts. I tend to use my writing to see the beauty of the dark. You don’t know how this actually inspired me. Gosh I wish I knew you besides on the internet.

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    1. Aww, thank you so much Leah! And it’d be so awesome to actually know eachother; we need to start talking more! Even if we practically know eachother through our writing, but again, that’s just the surface 😉

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  2. Love this!! I so agree. People may think it’s just focusing on the negatives/dark side of life, but it’s therapeutic. (Like you said, completely covered up.) Great post 🙂

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