Memory of a Moment

It is an odd feeling, to be the one who remembers the most.

I remember people I only spent a day with; they cling to my brain with a tight grip, refusing to let go. It’s a mortifying thing to remember all, yet also a gift when you use it correctly. Memory serves us in a way, that we choose the moments we wish to dwell on. I always find myself riddled with remembering people. I’ll never forget people I spent a few measly hours with. I don’t forget the tone someone used to talk to another, and it will haunt me till morning. I dwell on a memory of a person, because I feel some people should be remembered. Maybe I don’t know them, and perhaps I will never see them again; but I’d rather have a great moment captured in time with an acquaintance, then have never had the moment at all. It is also quiet fascinating how one moment from one person will stick in your head; that moment had such an impact, it never leaves you. I always remember being at a family friends birthday party, and one boy came up -who had been very reserved most of the night- and just introduced himself. We didn’t talk later that night, nor did we talk after it; though I remember his confidence, and the subtle intrigue he had to know who I was. I remember a neighbor who I only saw for three days, before they stopped coming to my house; they taught me how to whistle on a leaf of grass. I remember they were reserved, but filled with knowledge of little things. Neither of these people might even remember me, but both memories serve me very well.
The boy who introduced himself taught me that it is worth that one moment in time, to just have no fear; even if the only words spoken between two people is their name.
The neighbor taught me that not all knowledge should be shared; some mysteries shouldn’t be solved till the person gives you the clues.
People are fascinating, and the only way to preserve them is through memory, however tiny. Don’t be afraid to be the only one that remembers, be afraid of being the one who forgets.

Each tiny moment in time is significant, if you let it be.


Imperious Thoughts

Thoughts are one of the most powerful things in the universe. You can’t touch or feel them around you, but they can make or break your psyche; like objects effect the aura of a house.

Mentality can change overtime, and thoughts are what provoke change in yourself or another. It’s profound how one of the strongest forces in our world is something everyone possesses but also is an inanimate object that no one can visibly see.

The problem with objects such as those -the ones invisible to the eye- is it can feel like you have no control over them. After all, most people grow up with the notion that you can’t fix something that isn’t there. It can be quite a difficult maneuver to handle your thoughts because you’re never really sure if they’re gone; maybe all you did was just shove them into the back of your head for later.

Thoughts are always said to be dictated by outside influences, but if the voice inside your head is you, then your thoughts must be a manifestation of you and not necessarily others. While thoughts can be guided by such influences, thoughts are made up of the voice inside your head; it’s you controlling what you hear, not necessarily someone else. It can be very easy to get caught up in the myriad of negative thoughts that ensue in the mind. If outside influences are truly what dictate thoughts than perhaps maybe it’s impossible to change what you’re thinking, unless you change the environment in which you think.

It leaves a person to wonder whether you have to realize your thoughts are being dictated by the world and then decide to change your atmosphere, or if you have to have a change of atmosphere in order to change yourself? Perhaps it’s neither, and it’s that you have to realize that you are the only person who controls your thoughts and you’re the one choosing to downgrade yourself; not necessarily that the world is attacking, but that you are letting it attack you.