Pointed & Ready

It’s an emptiness.
But is it really?
There’s an ache that exists, and you can be surrounded by amazing organisms and still feel it.

That ache.

That terrible, awful, remembering ache.

It feel like you’re drowning in the midst of an oxygen bubble.
Which doesn’t make sense; is the water imaginary? Is it all in my head?
No, couldn’t be.

Because even if I’m not drowning, no one’s popped the bubble just to see.


– Back to the writing wheel, yet again. ~ M


NaPoWriMo Six: Simple Thoughts

There was Nothing here
But the Effervescence of
Happiness Galore.

Sunlight Filled my room,
Rays Bouncing off Bright colors,
A Rainbow of sorts.

My days Aren’t filled with,
The Gluttony of the Past,
Rather with Happiness.

I haven’t Lived long,
Yet have Experienced Tons,
The Good and the Bad.

I’m just Glad to Live,
No Longer in my Small shell,
Immersed in it All.